“A Tale of Two Inter…
“A Tale of Two Internet Fundraisers” is the topic of my call to Bill Bennett on today’s “Considerettes Radio”. As I’ve mentioned before in a previous election postmortem, The Daily Kos was raising money for 15 candidates. This, one of the premier Democratic blogs, raised over $500,000 for these candidates. Redstate.org, a similar type of group blog for conservatives but really just getting going and with not nearly the readership (yet) of dKos, raised money for 4 candidates. Of those 4, 3 won, but of the 15 that Kos was raising money for, not a single one won their race.

I discussed this with Bill Bennett on his “Morning in America” radio show and suggested that this may mean that in this election cycle people were more driven to the polls by ideas rather than images. All the money raised for TV ads and such didn’t keep Tom Daschle from suffering an historic defeat. Bill notes that the economy, jobs, and the promise of pork didn’t even matter as much as core values, but even on the issue of the economy I think some folks really did understand the truth of the matter. Listen in and see if you agree.

“Considerettes Radio” on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America (WGKA, Atlanta, GA) 11/9/2004 8:35am EST (464K)

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