Five years after a “…
Five years after a “total ban” on guns, how’s Britian doing in the way of murders? Pathetically, notes Mark Steyn of the London Telegraph.

“Now, in the wake of Birmingham’s New Year bloodbath, there are calls for the total ban to be made even more total: if the gangs refuse to obey the existing laws, we’ll just pass more laws for them not to obey. According to a UN survey from last month, England and Wales now have the highest crime rate of the world’s 20 leading nations. One can query the methodology of the survey while still recognizing the peculiar genius by which British crime policy has wound up with every indicator going haywire – draconian gun control plus vastly increased gun violence plus stratospheric property crime.”

Banning guns has not made Britian more civil. It has made it a bigger target. This article is a stunning repudiation of everything the gun-controllers say should happen in theory when guns are restricted. Problem is, it’s only a theory, and it’s not working.

(Note: The London Telegraph requires you to register with them, for free, to read their articles.)

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