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There’s a discussion going on at about (among other things) judges who decide based on the law vs. those who decide based on personal preference (and craft new law while doing so). What I find very interesting here and elsewhere are all the left-of-center folks all so suddenly becoming concerned with the letter-of-the-law, when it was liberal judges who discovered a constitutional right to abortion and same-sex marriages. Yet now they’re all for states’ rights, keeping Congress out of state business, and have become strict constitutionalists in a similar manner to when Al Gore lost his shot at continuing a recount in Florida in 2000. All this wonderfully conservative rhetoric coming from them is only trotted out when it would serve their purposes, which only shows how empty that rhetoric is.

Now, I’ll also admit that “small-government, reduce-spending” Republicans haven’t been all that consistent either. And I’m not well versed on all the constitutional issues surrounding the emergency session they held on Terri Schiavo. However, in that case I don’t think that this goes against conservative principles. Preserving & protecting the lives of its countrymen is a prime purpose of government, fully constitutional. Whether or not what they did was constitutional is a valid point of debate, but you can’t argue that action in this case makes them all somehow “big-government” Republicans.

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