From today’s edition…
From today’s edition of the Federalist Patriot, comes a classic “that was then, this is now” moment.

Filibusters are not to be used to prevent judicial nominees advancing out of committee for a full Senate vote. Filibusters are to be used to stop or delay legislation; that rule hasn’t been and won’t be changed. It’s worth noting here that the ultra-liberal New York Times, in a 1 January 1995 editorial, called the filibuster “the tool of the sore loser [and] an archaic rule that frustrates democracy and serves no useful purpose.”

In a more recent editorial on the same subject, however, the Times revealed its hypocrisy in near-comical fashion, insisting that “the Democrats’ weapon of choice has been the filibuster, a time-honored Senate procedure that prevents a bare majority of senators from running roughshod.” The Times further harrumphed that “there is nothing conservative about endangering one of the great institutions of American democracy, the United States Senate, for the sake of an ideological crusade.”

The New York Times accuses others of being on an “ideological crusade”?

That liberal media.

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