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Newsweek is reporting that eavesdropping on terrorist communications is like “taking a metal detector to the city dump”. There’s so much in terms of real and imagined threats and innuendo, that if the government publicized every potential threat, we’d be so overloaded with cries of “Wolf!” that we’d soon stop listening. Consider how much flak and ridicule Homeland Security has gotten for its color-coded alert status meter. If they can’t get any respect after 9/11 in trying to keep people informed, who’s to say anyone would’ve cared about boatloads of announcements before it?

Update: The media is covering one of the reports to Clinton on the potential for terror attack, but only the one easily hand-waved away. The 1999 report only dealt with personality profiles and what terrorists might be capable of doing. It was not based on uncovered evidence of them actually planning it. However, I’ve heard precious little about the 1995 discover of plans to crash planes into buildings, which would be much harder to defend against if no action was taken. And so far, nothing’s been said about what action was taken, if any. So it’s still a “both-or-neither” scenario.

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