“Physician, heal thy…
“Physician, heal thyself.”

Blogging will be light today. In fact, this post may constitute the sum total of my contribution today. The reason is one I’m slightly embarassed to relate.

My laptop died.

Now, there’s nothing particularly embarassing about that in and of itself. However, in dying it showed my woeful lack of preparedness for this circumstance. A good backup of one’s data, I have told family & friends time and time again, is the best, and often cheapest, insurance you can have. A promise of replacement hardware is good as far as it goes, but it’s the data that you really use the computer for. And I…

Well, first of all, in my defense, all the desktop machines in my house do a nightly backup across our home network to another machine. And I was doing semi-regular backups on my old laptop because, frankly, it was old. This machine I’ve been using was less that 4 months old and yesterday the hard drive just decided to retire. (Nice work if you can get it.)

So I’ll admit it: The most recent backup of this machine is from soon after I got it, so I’m going to lose about 3 months worth of E-mail, which is the life blood of most folks these days, especially in business. Most of the actualy software development I do is on other machines, and my laptop is mostly used for connecting to those machines or keeping documents related to said software.

Anyway, I’m really bummed today, and it’s mostly my fault. But, the lesson has been learned (again) and I’ll assume nothing about how good a hard drive is based solely on its age.

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