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  • Amnesty International described the prison at Guantanamo as a “gulag”. The Bush administration called that “absurd”. Here’s AI’s response:

    “The administration’s response has been that our report is absurd, that our allegations have no basis, and our answer is very simple: if that is so, open up these detention centers, allow us and others to visit them,” Amnesty International Secretary General Irene Zubaida Khan told a news conference.

    “Transparency is the best antidote to misinformation and incorrect facts,” said Khan, who is here to meet with Japanese officials.

    This is a tacit admission that more openness at Gitmo would clear up AI’s misinformation and incorrect facts. It’s therefore an admission that their description of “gulag” is nothing more than a baseless allegation with the hopes of getting more access. If that’s their track record on this issue, it’s pretty clear what their agenda is. Why should we trust them with more access, exactly?

  • Drudge has this on his front page (no permalink):


    CNN’s big 25th Anniversary week started with bad news: May numbers released yesterday showed CNN down 17% in total day and 16% in primetime vs. May 2004 . . .

    6-1-05 8PM RATINGS

    FOXNEWS O’Reilly Factor – 2,268,000 viewers

    CNN 25th anniversary special — 345,000

    MSNBC/Countdown with Keith Olbermann – 213,000

    If CNN can barely beat MSNBC with a 25th anniversary special that’s been advertised for months, while FNC has 6.5 times as many viewers, you gotta know something’s wrong. The Left will call it “packaging”, of course, but that’s a cop-out.

  • Howard Dean isn’t bringing in the big bucks.

    One hundred days into his tenure as the high-energy, higher-decibel chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean is in trouble with party moneybags. The former Vermont governor seems to be doing a better job flaying the Republicans than bridging the cash chasm between the parties.

    That last line should be a big clue. As is the rest of his party, the Democrats are sticking with Republican-bashing while failing to present any ideas worth voting for or giving towards. Dean’s troubles are a microcosm of the whole party’s problem.

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