A major victory over…
A major victory over the weekend in the war in Iraq.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday that initial assessments indicate Iraqis had probably approved a controversial constitution, although the turnout alone showed the fragile new political process has taken hold despite a deadly insurgency.

“There’s a belief that it has probably passed,” Rice told reporters traveling with her, based on accounts from people in Iraq who are seeing preliminary vote tallies. At least 63 percent of Iraqis voted Saturday, she said, an increase of about 1 million voters over the first democratic election in January for a transitional government. Much of that increase, she said, comes from the higher participation of Iraq’s minority Sunni Muslims.

The violence also was lower and produced fewer lethal attacks than in January’s vote, she noted.

The victory, to me, was the fact that the voting took place, and no “insurgency” was able to stop it or put it off. In fact, the terrorists seem to have pretty much given up on trying to stem this tide. Whether or not the constitution is ratified, this in and of itself is a major victory against those who think that leaving Iraq alone to stew in racial and religious hatred while headed by a guy who killed more people per month than they seem to remember was better than the current state of affairs.

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