Dennis Miller writin…
Dennis Miller writing in the Wall Street Journal (yes, that Dennis Miller, the “Saturday Night Live” alum, and yes, that Wall Street Journal) has a brilliant deconstruction of Norman Mailer’s general outlook on Bush and Baghdad.

His basic contention is that we went to war with Iraq because with the dominance of white American men in the boxing ring, the office and the home front eroded, George W. Bush thought they needed to know they were still good at something. Mr. Mailer has a degree in aeronautical engineering from Harvard so he had to know that argument wouldn’t fly. But then again, maybe this claptrap is just a grand put-on. The fact that I and many others can’t differentiate anymore does not augur well for Norm’s legend.

Miller, in his typical brand of humor (minus the expletives; it is, after all that Wall Street Journal) gives many reasons, both general and specific, why Mailer and those like him are becoming irrelevant today; they’ve lost touch with reality.

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