This nation was conc…
This nation was concieved “under God”. Virtually every one of the founding fathers gave God (and in many cases, the God of the Christian Bible specifically) the credit for bringing this nation into existance. Many of the decisions made in the creation of the United States were done with the idea that God made it possible, God’s law was over any law made by man, and therefore that the government and the nation should be “under God”.

The phrase “one nation under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance acknowledges that, plain and simple, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court notwithstanding. All these hypothetical questions like “would you think the same thing if the phrase was ‘under Allah'” utterly miss the point. When the 13 original colonies became the United States of America, guided by men who were guided by a Higher Power, they became one nation under God. “One nation under Vishnu” has no meaning, because that religion did not play a role in the founding of this country.

“One nation under God” is not a prayer, it’s an historical fact. One more fact about the religious nature of our country that liberal educators seek to expunge from history.

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