Well, the environmen…
Well, the environmentalists weren’t happy with the outcome of the latest Earth summit in Johannesburg, and for good reason; freedom still exists. “What?”, you may ask. “Do you really believe they want to end freedom in pursuit of environmentalism?” Read for yourself:

Richard Navarro, chaiman of FoOEI, stated that instead of “protecting the environment and fighting poverty and social destruction,” the summit was “hijacked by free market ideology, by a backward-looking, insular and ignorant U.S….”

Aside from the absurd notion that the meetings were hijacked by a country that did not attend, they consider free markets to be a step back, and consider it “ignorant”. The only alternative to free markets are state-controlled markets (read: “socialism” or even “communism”). Considering that, what were the track records of communist countries like East Germany and the USSR compared, for instance, to the US? (Answer: Abysmal.)

Any environmentalists out there, consider this: Your cause has been hijacked by radicals. They are the ones representing you to the world. If this isn’t what you want, you had best speak now, or forever hold your peace (and the government will make sure you hold your peace).

Oh, and there are such things a “conservative environmentalists”. Read about Rob Gordon, Peter Huber, and James Glassman. Additionally, Gordon Durnil, while technically fitting the label, and who wrote a book on conservative environmentalism in 1995, might not be the best example, but an example nonetheless.

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