In the Sore Loser de…
In the Sore Loser department, supporters of Cynthia McKinney (D-Saudi Arabia) are filing suit in federal court to have the Democratic primary that she lost voided, and have her declared the winner. Given that, consider this:

  • Where do you think McKinney stood on the Supreme Court ruling that halted the Florida recounts in 2000? Those recounts that were, you may recall, taking place contrary to Florida law, which is what the Supremes were reacting to. Dollars-to-doughnuts she considered that ruling flawed. And now here are her supporters trying to do something similar, except they’re trying to have a legal act (voting in whatever primary you want) declared unconstitutional. as opposed to having an illegal ruling overturned. (And I wonder what her position is on the Toricelli/Lautenberg switcheroo, another judicial ruling that defies the law.)
  • The folks bringing the lawsuit claim that the crossover voting denied African-American voters their right to elect the candidate of their choice. This is, of course, given the false assumption that the 48% of the vote that went to Denise Majette was lilly white. It also comes with the suggestion that only the votes of African-Americans should count in Georgia’s 4th district.
  • McKinney’s supporters claim that 37,500 Republicans (legally) crossed over and voted against her. That would be over half of the votes cast for Majette (68,612). However, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution could find no more that 3,118 votes where the voters clearly identified themselves as registered Republicans. (And remember, in Georgia the term “registered” is meaningless, since we don’t register for a party. Hence the legality of “crossover” voting.) Are they making these numbers up? (Answer: Most likely.)

Yes, these are just her supporters, not Cynthia herself, but the silence as to whether or not she supports this endeavor is deafening. (Cybercast News Service could raise neither McKinney herself nor the Congressional Black Caucus on this issue.) And playing the blame game is nothing new to the McKinneys anyway, who have blamed the Democratic Party, Georgia Governor Roy Barnes, and of course J-E-W-S.

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