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Should abortion photos be shown in public so that the people understand what goes on? If you answer “No”, do you believe the photos from Abu Ghraib should be shown to the people understand what went on? If you answer “Yes”, read this from Stuart Buck:

But observe how differently we treat photos in each situation. As to Abu Ghraib, no one blames the messenger. Whoever secretly leaked the Abu Ghraib photos has not been criticized. Quite the opposite: People who have seen the photos have rightly focused their entire energy on denouncing the cruelty depicted.

What’s more, you’ll find pictures of Abu Ghraib everywhere in the mainstream media. In stark contrast, I’ve found no evidence that any mainstream newspaper or television station here has ever shown pictures or video of what happens to a fetus during an abortion.

Contrast this with the situation in England, where a mainstream channel last month showed a film, titled My Foetus, that unflinchingly depicted a real abortion. Made by Julia Black, who herself is pro-choice, the film shows “quiet moans and an ‘oh dear’ as the doctor sucked out the bloody tissue.”

In an interview, Ms. Black was straightforward in acknowledging the difficulties of this issue: “We have to engage in the reality that abortion does destroy a fetus, and that a fetus is a potential life: a very strong life. … We refuse to look at images of abortion because we find them shocking and gratuitous, but we must.”

Shocking or not, such images should not be censored, because it inevitably leads to the politicization of news judgment.

(Gracious nod to Instapundit.)

Of course, in the case of Abu Ghraib, even with the photos, Democrats are politicizing it. Don’t think so? Here’s one more of the questions from the National Center Blog’s questions to consider that I referred to yesterday

If a handful of low-level subordinates out of several million working for you commit crimes, you should resign in disgrace. If you commit a crime yourself – say, by lying before a federal grand jury – you should stay.

A double double-standard!

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