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The Smarter Cop has a good analysis about those who would smear Reagan’s accomplishments with outright falsehoods, or attempt to draw moral equivalences where they don’t exist.

And even with all those columnists and bloggers that just don’t have enough bad to say about him, and don’t feel they can give credit where credit is due, there’s this:

Former Soviet republics and other ex-East Bloc nations remembered Reagan as the American president who stared down Moscow and won, clearing the way for their independence and the 1991 Soviet collapse.

“President Ronald Reagan will be remembered in the hearts of all Latvians as a fighter for freedom, liberty and justice worldwide,” Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga said.

The liberal elites and the Reagan-haters could never understand him, and still can’t. But the people he liberated from Communism, numbering in the hundreds of millions, are a testament to his legacy. They understood him and give him credit in having a big hand in freeing them.

In don’t think it’s was by chance, as some say, that Communism fell on his watch. Being the first President to actively try to defeat, rather than contain, the Soviet Union, to call it “lucky” is to ignore the things he did that forced the Soviets to deal on his terms. Hey, the man walked out of the Reykjavik talks, fer goodness sake, in spite of the naysayers and handwringers (who were, as usual, wrong).

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