A great night for Re…
A great night for Republicans. Many Democrats framed this election in a number of different ways; referendum on Bush, revenge for Florida 2000, yadda yadda yadda. However, some, like the DNC’s Terry McAulliffe, don’t even have the good sense or courtesy to eat their words. Quoted by Drudge, Terry said on Larry King last night, “Tonight was a good night for Democrats.” Yeah, right. If you can’t be truthful with yourself, you can’t fix the problem.

I wonder if the Nobel organization, who gave the 2002 Peace Prize to Jimmy Carter as a political message to Bush, were paying any attention. Hey fellas; Carter’s no longer president (and imagine the interest rates we’d have if he still were). And don’t forget how well his olive branch to North Korea went over (i.e. it didn’t, they still built nukes). Yup, those Nobel guys really showed us, didn’t they?

For my take on some of the races and issues, let me start in my home state of Georgia.

Democrat Governor Roy Barnes, the incumbent, outspent Republican Sonny Perdue by at least 6-to-1 (and some reports said up to 10-to-1) and yet he lost. Consider that statistic when you hear the Democrat pundits saying that the boatloads of special interest group money in the Republicans’ pockets were why they won. In some places, yes, the Republicans had more money, but in Georgia that was certainly not the case, and yet the Georgia got its first Republican governor in 130 years. You can’t hand-wave that away by citing war chests. To be sure, I can’t find a single soul who actually thought Perdue had a snowball’s chance in Havana of winning, but when you look at the 1994 race for governor, the Republicans had their best showing to date then, so perhaps there was a trend in the making at least as far back as that.

War veterans were jumping ship and voting Republican as well, against Vietnam vet Senator Max Cleland (who lost 3 limbs in that conflict). Instead, they voted based on ideas, not affiliation, and put Republican Saxby Chambliss in his spot. Again, this was another race few thought Max could lose.

There was even an upset in the State House. The man who’s been Speaker of the House in Georgia for 28 years, Tom Murphy was defeated for re-election. Murphy was a fixture in Georgia politics having first been elected to public office in 1960. It does sound to me as if the trend I referred to is far more real than hoped for.

Moving to Florida, a race I didn’t hear much about last night was a House of Representatives seat in Florida that went to Katherine Harris. Yes, that Katherine Harris; the one demonized so unfairly by Democrats in the Florida 2000 election nuttiness. Just as she did in that situation, I’m betting she’ll be one to abide by the law, and not make it up as she goes along (as opposed to the Florida and New Jersey Supreme Court justices, to name just a few).

A 30-year-old bilingual education program in Massachusetts was eliminated in favor of English immersion. This has proven a boon to education in California, completely contrary to claims by multiculturism theorists. Once it works in Massachusetts, hopefully it’ll be the last nail in that segragationist “seperate but equal” coffin.

Liberal ideas were shot down all over. Nevada and Arizona both rejected measure that would decriminalize possesion of small amounts of marijuana, and Nevada rejected ‘gay’ marriages. Oregon, at the same time, soundly turned back universal health care for the state. Seems to me that when it’s issues being debated, and not spin and image, conservatives generally win. Wish more folks would realize what their real political leanings are.

An exception to that, but only a minor one, was in Florida where constitutional protection was given to pregnant pigs. Yes folks, pigs are people, too. Actually, the special interest groups involved in this chose Florida as a testing ground because they have such a tiny hog raising industry. (In fact, just a couple of farms will be affected.) The idea was that since most folks in Florida wouldn’t care much about this, since it didn’t impact the state much, the (liberal) special interests could get an easy win and use it as a precedent in other states. (And remember, Democrats complained about conservative special interests holding sway in the election.)

Overall, a great night for America, a great night for Republicans, and, most importantly, for policies that will give more power back to people and removed from government. At least that’s my hope. I’ll be watching, and I hope you will, too.

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