Remember how the Com…
Remember how the Communist Party would airbrush out of pictures members who had fallen out of favor? Looks like the Democrats are upgrading that technology for the digital era. James Taranto notes it in his Best of the Web Today column, quoting a Wall Street Journal article.

Is John Kerry part of the vast right-wing conspiracy? To hear Joe Wilson talk, you might think so. The Kerry campaign had been touting the Niger-Iraq “whistleblower” as a foreign-policy adviser–but that changed after both the Senate Intelligence Committee and a British report discredited Mr. Wilson’s claims about his wife’s role in sending him to Niger and about what he found there.

A search of Mr. Kerry’s Web site now turns up no reference to either Mr. Wilson or his wife, Valerie Plame. And, a Web site the campaign had set up to showcase Mr. Wilson’s accusations against the Bush Administration, now redirects browsers to the homepage.

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