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Economic Finger-Pointing 8/8/03 A liberal magazine writer tries to blame Bush for any and all economic woes, but his reasons don't pass the tests of reality, history, or internal consistency.
The Solution: Smaller Government (Part 2) 6/14/03 The results of a big-government program turn out to be far, far less than promised and don't allow people to make their own choices.

Activism with Eyes Closed


When one is an activist, shouldn't all behavior you condemn be equally spoken out against?  For war protestors, this isn't necessarily the case.

When Would the Terrorists Win?
the Common ConservativeIntellectual Conservative


Under what conditions could it be said that the terrorists and madmen of the world have accomplished what they set out to do?  

Internet Hoaxes 101


Before you forward on that new E-mail virus warning, or that story about the free trip to Disney World, or the one about AIDS needles hidden in pay phone change returns, please read this first. You, and those who would've forwarded it on to, will be thankful.
Election 2000 Notebook 12/1/00
(Last updated 12/13/00)
The strange presidential election this year was certainly instructive, and not just with regards to the election process itself.
Great Quotes from the Internet 8/29/00 A collection of nuggets of wisdom, culled from web pages and E-mails, on a variety of topics. Updated semi-irregularly.  (Superceded by "Considerable Quotes".)

They Call Me a Reactionary Right-Winger
the Common Conservative


In describing why he thinks "reactionary right-wingers" call him a "liberal", another webmaster has some implications as to what those right-wingers believe. Unfortunately, his assumptions bear little resemblance to reality.

A Political Odyssey


A study in the observed changes in a liberal political animal during the Clinton administration.

A House of Straw


The Clinton Administration position on School Vouchers is built on a series of straw arguments, that fall apart at the slightest touch.

Lessons Learned from Impeachment


From looking back at the impeachment and trial process, a number of lessons can be learned.

Impeachment Notebook


A number of different thoughts crossed my mind while watching the impeachment debate.

Forgiveness and Impeachment


Why I think that impeachment and forgiveness can co-exist.

The Starr Report "FAQ"


Many questions come up from time to time on talk shows and in conversations about the Starr Report. Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and the answers.

The Real Message from "Titanic"


The real message from the movie "Titanic" was, for me, not based on the plot, nor the tragedy, but the obsession.

The Response


The President gave his "mea culpa" speech on the Lewinsky matter, but it raised more questions than it answered, and it pointed out inconsistencies between his actions and his words.

Just One Question
the Common Conservative

6/8/98 It's been 25 years since the Roe vs. Wade decision, and in spite of all the talk and emotion, the issue of abortion really comes down to how you answer one question. This article is a rewrite of a BBS message I wrote about 5 years ago that was, for me, the end of a long and interesting debate on the subject.

The Solution: Smaller Government


Republicans have been touting smaller government as the cure for many of the ills of the Federal government. Find out what smaller government really is and why it's such a good idea.

Television - Who's Pushing Your Buttons?


Dan Quayle is still right about the influence of television, and liberals continue to prove him right by their actions. Of course, they'd never admit it.

What's the Difference?


If you really believe that there's little difference between conservatives & liberals in Congress, or if you think they could really all agree if they set their mind to it, this one's for you.

Victory Disguised as Defeat


A black candidate was elected in a majority-white district this past election. Why doesn't the candidate see this as a great blow to racism?

Portrait of a Right-Wing Extremist


What exactly is a "right-wing extremist" these liberals keep talking about? You may be surprised at who fits their description.

Shame on You!


How liberals appeal to your emotion, not your mind. (Note: This essay refers to a political race that has since been decided, but the issues are still relevant.)

Thanksgiving & Christmas Origins


The culmination of a discussion on a local Bulletin Board System about the separation of Church and State. This message summarized the information I received from my U.S. Representative about the legislative origins of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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