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The Georgia Carnival #15

The latest Georgia Carnival is up, with posts from a number of Georgians on a wide variety of subjects.

New Blog

A work buddy of mine and fellow Christian has started his own blog “A Dim Light in a Dark Place”. Rather eclectic in nature (family, politics, faith, humor (especially his proposed bumper sticker for use in Atlanta)), so give it a look.

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The Georgia Carnival

The 14th Georgia Carnival is up at “Georgia on My Mind”, and my post below about Christian fantasy fiction is one of the items mentioned. Enjoy posts from Georgia bloggers.

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what criteria or litmus tests do you want your nominee to pass what issues would you want your nominee to support? [#41 on Yahoo! Search]

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“dilbert” and “google” medicine [#100 on Google]

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These are all links to searches that were used to come here last Friday, June 1. Wow! I’m quite sure it wasn’t this blog they were specifically looking for (since they were searching mostly for “considerette” vs this blog’s actual name), so I’m wondering what was the big deal about that word on Friday. (And it’s not really a word. Could folks have really been wanting “considerate”?)

“template of Good Bye Mail” [#7 on Google]

Light Blogging

Working with a client this week, so blogging will be light.

2000 posts

I passed a milestone yesterday; the previous post was my 2000th. I told a UPI reporter back in 2003, “I’m not that prolific” regarding the thought of posting something every single day to the blog. Guess I got over that, eh?

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