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Regular readers will have noticed that my contributions to this blog have been slight in the past few months, though they are on the rise. The reason for this is that a disease I hadn’t thought much about in the past 10 years decided to make another appearance and made typing a chore. My Multiple Sclerosis was back. But while there is bad news involved, there is certainly a lot of good news and praise to God involved

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Faith Blogging

The blog Weblog Tools Collection is running an essay contest on any topic related to blogging. A couple days ago, Rev. Deacon Jim Konicki from Deacon’s Blog had his entry posted entitled “Discernment in the Blogdom of God”, in which he discusses blogging about matters of faith. In it, he discusses the benefits and pitfalls of blogging about your beliefs.

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Light Blogging

It’s going to be a little quiet on the blog for a few days or weeks. I’m contending with a recurrence of Multiple Sclerosis that has, among other things, hit my right arm and hand. With the reduced motor control, typing has become a bit slower and more deliberate (no more touch-typing with that hand). Thus I won’t be doing much here until more sensation is back in the hand, or if I get really good with the free trial version of a voice recognition package I downloaded. I started steroid treatment today, so the goal is to be able to touch-type before the 30-day trial is up.

So this it just a note to say that the blog hasn’t died; it’s just resting a bit. >grin<

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silence of the lambs/ cliff notes [#8 on Google]

Carnival of the Vanities 216

The 216th edition of the Carnival of the Vanities is up, including a link to my post about the lack of family-friendly science fiction.

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world’s strongest bite [#3 on Google]

bits in a bye [#1! on Google]

Most likely, this was a typo, and the intent was to find out how many bits are in a “byte”. Being a computer geek, I’ll tell you that the answer’s 8.

Today’s Odd “Considerettes” Search Phrase

old blogger – #23 on Blogger Search

Hey! I resemble that remark!

Today’s Odd “Considerettes” Search Phrase

considerettes blog – [#1! on Google]

Why am I calling this “odd”? Heh, because frankly hardly anybody searches for it. >grin< Once I called in to the Hugh Hewitt show and mentioned the blog. He asked for the URL and I said to just look for it in Google (as you can see, the current URL is not that catchy). After that show, 2 people came to the blog from a Google search. Other than that, I don’t recall seeing anyone else do that. I may have missed some, but I keep a reasonably good eye on my Site Meter stats. (They’re not all that overwhelming.)

Anyway, thanks, reader from L.A., for looking for me.

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