Comments on: "Paul Harvey…Good Day!" Conservative commentary served up in bite-sized bits Sun, 01 Mar 2009 22:57:51 +0000 hourly 1 By: Doug Payton Sun, 01 Mar 2009 22:57:51 +0000 (For those not understanding the nomenclature:

“Sallie” = attended the Salvation Army
“Corps” = what Salvation Army churches are called)

Now that you mention it, I think I’d heard that before way back, but had forgotten it. Thanks.

By: Debbie Payton Sun, 01 Mar 2009 18:55:03 +0000 This is really, really good, Doug. I love how you mention that Dad introduced us to him and you introduced him to your kids – 3 generations listening to Paul Harvey! Did you know he was a Sallie, too? Norridge Corps outside Chicago.