This was definitely …
This was definitely a record-setting national election, but here in Georgia we had some of our own records set.

  • We had 77% voter turnout statewide, with some precincts seeing a 80+% turnout.
  • For the first time in state history, Georgia has two Republican senators.
  • Republicans won a majority in the State House of Representatives and held the majority in the State Senate. For the first time since Reconstruction, Georgia is being governed by Republicans in both Houses of the Legislature and holds the Governor’s Mansion.

When someone suggests that George W. Bush won on the basis of a single issue or “likability” or tries to paint his victory as simplistically as possible, just remember all the other Republicans–gaining seats in the U.S. House, Senate and in state capitols across the country–that came out on top.

How did it really happen? Zell Miller gave his answer.

From Washington, retiring Democratic U.S. Sen. Zell Miller, who has blasted the national party for tilting too far to the left, reminded state Democrats that he sounded the warning bell.

“It’s pretty simple,” Miller told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “When you write off centrist and conservative policies that reflect the will of most of the people in your state, you write off your state. If Democrats want to win a majority again in Georgia, they cannot remain silent on gay marriage. They cannot embrace a liberal presidential candidate.

“They cannot let themselves be dragged to the left by leaders who are bent on tearing people down rather than building the party back up.”

Miller’s last line was aimed at Bobby Kahn, chairman of the state party, who said Miller has made some valid points about the national party’s perceived leftward tilt.

UPDATE: Added the links, the Miller quote, and fixed, based on one of the articles, the top precinct turnout percentage.

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