Oh fer goodness sake…
Oh fer goodness sake.

A company has developed a product called the ‘Fox Blocker,’ which clips in-line to your cable television service and supposedly filters out just the FOX News network. If you order the $9 unit, the for-profit company promises to send your name in an email to FOX’s advertisers in a show of hatred for the conservative news network.

Conservatives have been watching liberal bias in the news for decades without needing a hardware filter to protect their opinions from challenge. Why not a CBS blocker, instead, to filter out a network with a proven record of “myopic zeal”?

A Gizmodo reader wrote in to say that this device either won’t work quite as promised or is an outright scam. Still, its website seems pretty serious about all this, especially being up in arms about conservative bias and linking to sites that believe that, while being tone-deaf to liberal bias.

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