One month from a nuc…
One month from a nuclear Iran?

Iran is following the path laid out by North Korea. The goal is to get whatever assistance the world will give to develop nuclear power for “peaceful purposes.” Once the “point of no return” is reached and the country has everything necessary to make an atomic bomb with no further assistance, then the rogue regime can thumb its nose at the world. Since it is much more difficult to disarm a country that possesses nuclear weapons capability, the game depends upon the success of lying long enough to drag out the process until the point of no return is reached.

Israeli intelligence claims that Iran will reach the “point of no return” in June – one month from now. From then until the mullahs actually have a deliverable atomic weapon is anybody’s guess, from a matter of months to one year, to the end of the decade. Intelligence experts appear to disagree about how long this interval will take.

The experience with Kim Jong Il should have convinced even the liberals that the process of negotiating with rogue regimes is a fool’s game. Terrorists are patient.

Just ask Jimmy Carter.

In the meantime, while Europe fiddles, Hans Blix (I was hoping I’d never have to type that name again) is blaming the U.S. for the Iran & N. Korea situations.

Washington isn’t taking “the common bargain” of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty as seriously as it once did, and that’s dimming global support for the U.S. campaign to shut down the North Korean and Iranian nuclear programs, the former chief U.N. weapons inspector said.

Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton, by questioning the value of treaties and international law, has also damaged the U.S. position, Hans Blix said.

“There is a feeling the common edifice of the international community is being dismantled,” the Swedish arms expert said.

When it comes to Iran and North Korea, Bolton is entirely correct. We are not the problem; it’s people who think you can negotiate with rogue states, and who really believe that they’ll actually abide by the negotiations, that are the problem.

It doesn’t work that way. Just ask…well, you know.

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