I feel like I’m play…
I feel like I’m playing a double-agent Devil’s Advocate regarding the Miers nomination. Color me a definite fence-sitter. Here’s my current question:

Matt at Stones Cry Out said he’s having trouble trusting the President because of other campaign promises he’s broken. I’m with him on that count. However, now we’re being asked to trust him with a judicial nomination, so let’s compare apples to apples. Dubya’s not asking for a general “trust me”, he’s asking for a specific one with this nomination.

So the question is; considering the group of judges he’s already nominated to the federal bench, are you happy with that batch, and if so, do you have any reason to think he’s doing something different with the Miers nomination?

Bop on over to Stones Cry Out (where this is cross-posted) if you want to comment. (Someday, I may actually change my old, dusty Blogger template to one that allows them here.)

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