While the contest is on, I’ve added a graphic on the side that links to the Public Radio Talent Quest. The contest doesn’t start until April 16th, but I just found out about it from Podcasting News and I think I’m going to give it a shot. So might as well help promote it.

It’s open to anyone, so there’s nothing special about me. I have done some radio, back in college, and I’ve always enjoyed the radio entertainer. Not just the DJ who give you title and artist during the song’s intro, but someone who can really entertain you. I’ve always enjoyed Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story” feature, and growing up, when we’d be taking long trips in the car, we’d listen to the (last shot) revival of old time radio programs, the CBS Radio Mystery Theater hosted by E. G. Marshall. I imagine I come by it naturally. My dad, before becoming a minister in The Salvation Army, was a radio DJ in New Jersey during the 40s and has quite the announcer’s voice. I’ve been told over the years that I, too, have a voice for radio. Well, if I do, it’s partly due to the luck of the gene pool, and partly from listening to some of the best. (Thank you, Jack Bogut, for the couple years I spent in Pittsburgh listening to you on KDKA.)

Anyway, if anything comes of my entry, I’ll mention it here. (Which means this may be my only post on the subject. >grin<)

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