Today, the Supreme C…
Today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of school vouchers, with the 5-4 majority saying that if parents have the true choice, then it doesn’t constitute entangling religion with government.

The minority on the court said that the voucher system does not treat religion neutrally. Pure nonsense. If the voucher system had specifically singled out religious schools as ineligible for voucher money, that would have been the non-neutral stance. As it stands, the Cleveland voucher system lets religious schools play on a level playing field with secular schools. Some complain that the majority of the voucher money goes to Catholic schools and so this is de facto sponsorship of Christianity. This is essentially “blaming” the Catholics for making better schools. We’ve got the Darwinian public schools and the Christian private schools (Catholic, Protestant, etc.) among others. If you want to start a school with a neo-pagan world view, I have news for you. This is still America, and you are still free to do what you think is right. But if nobody comes, don’t blame the Catholics.

The Post’s contention that the decision “continued a trend of the court in recent years to ease the path toward state support of religion” is liberal bias at its subtlest. They deliberately confuse the church/state issue with the freedom of religion issue. The state is not supporting religion, it’s supporting the parents (directly, in the Cleveland case, where the parents physically get the vouchers, not the schools). I also wonder how all those allegedly “pro-choice” liberals are against parental choice. Always make sure you know what choices they deem you worthy of making.

See also: A House of Straw, my essay on why school vouchers are better for everyone. Or better yet, let me keep my own money and do with it as I please. Then the Supreme Court wouldn’t have to get involved.

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