Another content-free…
Another content-free U.N. resolution passed unanimously today.

The U.N. Security Council Thursday unanimously adopted a U.S.-sponsored resolution that calls for the establishment of a U.S.-led multinational force and appeals to U.N. members to provide troops and money to help support the struggling U.S. occupation of Iraq.

So what does this mean in concrete terms? When the resolution said that members would provide troops and money, what does that actually mean?

But France, Russia, Germany and Pakistan said after the vote that they would not make any new military or financial contributions to support the resolution.

So just like resolution 1441, which threatened violence while most of the Security Council members didn’t have the will to follow through, we now have another resolution not worth the paper it’s written on.

How nice; we got a raised hand by some rather rich countries (at least in the case of France and Germany), but nothing else. Thanks for nuthin’, fellas. Why in the world do people put any stock in this useless organization?

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