Wait a minute! I th…
Wait a minute! I thought that Showtime’s CEO said that “The Reagans” was historically accurate!

During Showtime’s Monday night panel, Controversy: The Reagans, two liberals, Marvin Kalb and Lou Cannon, denounced the inaccurate portrayal of Ronald and Nancy Reagan in the movie switched from CBS to an airing Sunday night on Showtime. In addition, a co-producer of the film contradicted Showtime’s CEO and admitted that the movie was not historically accurate, answering “no” when asked if the movie was “meant to be historically true?”

Imagine my shock. Or not.

…former Washington Post reporter Lou Cannon, who has penned several biographies of Ronald Reagan, rued:

“It’s hard to imagine a cartoon that could be that bad. Here is a guy, Ronald Reagan, who has been in politics most of his life, he’s been involved in a student strike as a freshman, he’s been all through that gritty politics of the New Deal, the Democrats want him to run for Congress in the ’50s. He’d given a speech for Barry Goldwater in ’64. He was in politics….It’s so bad, that I don’t even know how they got there.”

Later, Cannon added: “I’m sure everybody on this panel and that you remember the famous debate where Lloyd Bentsen says to Dan Quayle, you know, ‘I know John F. Kennedy and you’re no John F. Kennedy.’ Well I do know Ronald Reagan. This isn’t Ronald Reagan. And I know Nancy Reagan and this isn’t Nancy Reagan.”

I think it’s time for apologies to be issued. Those who correctly called this movie a hit piece on the Reagans have been exonerated, but of course that would be way too much to ask of the Hollywood left. Remember, Showtime CEO Matt Blank said that, “a diligent attempt was made by the filmmakers to have factual sources for every scene in this movie”, yet a co-producer of the film says that isn’t true. Hold not thy breath waiting for apologies.

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