Nope, I just don’t b…
Nope, I just don’t buy it. Bush’s plan to pardon felons (read: grant legal status to illegal immigrants) if they get a job just doesn’t go over well with me. And explanations from the administration aren’t convincing me.

“We believe that this is an attractive program which will reduce the number of illegals here,” said one official who briefed reporters in a conference call.

Well sure it will, just like pardoning all thieves will reduce the number of thieves on the books. That doesn’t make what they did any better. Sorry, but all this does is cheapen the effort of those who immigrate legally, and poke more holes into our already porous borders.

This is political pandering, no doubt about it:

Bush’s re-election team would like to increase Hispanic support for a second term for the president, particularly in states where they could tip the balance in his favor, such as Florida and California.

Hispanic organizations said it was about time Bush addressed the issue after campaigning in 2000 for immigration reform.

Please note that conservatives are calling a spade a spade:

Conservatives were worried. Rep. Thomas Tancredo, a Colorado Republican who leads the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, a group of 70 legislators that argues for more restrictions, said an amnesty of any kind was a “step backwards.”

I just wish Democrats would be as honest about things like their motor-votor plan, or like when Gray Davis wanted to give legal drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Again, it’s conservatives that’ll be honest about this when their guy does it, while liberals will simply rally around theirs (Clinton’s impeachment-worthy lying being the penultimate example).

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