Consider this: Yest…
Consider this: Yesterday the Pope said that priests should stay celibate, in response to those calling for the removal of that requirement. The AP story on this said that the Pope “didn’t refer to sex offenders or pedophilia”, but they neglected to point out that he didn’t mention homosexuality either.

And that’s what I’m noticing in the press when it comes to this issue. Regardless of age, and they’re not all under 10 years old mind you, those abused by priests have been all male. The issues, as framed by the media and liberal pundits, are sexual abuse and pedophilia, but they barely, if ever (and I’ve yet to hear them say it myself) mention the homosexual aspect of it, and yet it’s just as much an issue in these cases as the other two.

Bernie Goldberg called it right; it’s bias. It’s bias both in the choice of what news to present, and, as in this case, how the news is presented. The liberal media dare not ruffle the feathers of those they agree with, so out the window goes objectivity and full disclosure. It’s no longer a journalist’s duty to simply say what is, now they are trying to effect change by distorting what is, presenting an incomplete or slanted picture.

Journalists journal. Or at least that’s what their supposed to do.

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