From Arthur Chrenkof…
From Arthur Chrenkoff via Instapundit, comes this tale of inverted priorities.

MADRID – The Spanish prime minister has been dragged into an embarrassing political row after the Defence Minister handed back a medal he was given for his role in withdrawing troops from Iraq, it emerged Wednesday.

Read that again. No, it’s not France that did this, it’s those lovable socialists in Spain who are giving out medals for running away.

José Bono sent a letter to the prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero saying he would give back the Cross of Military Merit, according to sources close to the minister.

The move comes after Bono was heavily criticised when he was given the award last week.

It was awarded by Zapatero for Bono’s “merits” as a minister, including his role in the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq.

But Opposition political figures said Bono should not have received the award only six weeks after taking over as Defence Minister.

Zapatero granted the award to all those who helped in the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq.

Well at least there’s “an embarrassing political row” about the whole thing, but really…is this the kind of guy to run a country? Should police now be given medals for failing to respond to emergencies?

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