A welcome to Power L…
A welcome to Power Line readers, coming over via their link to my notes about the Kerry-in-Cambodia story and how the media is underreporting it.

I don’t have as much faith in the idea (as deacon does) that the media will take a big hit for this if they are seen as spinning it heavily for Kerry. I’d agree that this may be the case for the political/news junkie (e.g. poli-blog readers & writers), but for the vast majority of Americans who hear only what Dan Rather tells them, it won’t make much difference. I agree with him that word-of-mouth is the best way to spread this, outside the major media channels, but as far as there being some discernible “hit” to their general credibility, I don’t see that being noticeable before November. A slow erosion is what I called it, and way too slow for this election cycle. The network news viewer and the NY Times/WaPo readers are, I believe, pretty much unaware of the “substantial conversation going on outside of the major media”. The major media is counting on this, and any lost credibility with these folks, such as it may be, can easily be recovered in the subsequent first term of a potential Kerry administration.

Pessimistic? Yeah, probably. But news organizations that are getting this story out give me hope that the tide can be turned. Slowly. Ever so slowly.

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