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An article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (free registration required) sheds some light on how homosexuals really view the difference between ‘gay marriage” and “civil unions”.

Another group, Straights in Solidarity with Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, held a rally Wednesday afternoon on the steps of the state Capitol to get out their message on Amendment One. Organizer Avrum Geurin Weiss said he sees the battle as a civil rights issue.

Anthony Ricciardi, 36, of Atlanta was one of about 200 people who attended the rally. “I think the amendment is shameful because it’s taking away my right to marry who I choose,” Ricciardi said. “It’s also very deceptive. You can be against gay marriage and still be for civil unions.”

First of all, the proposed constitutional amendment doesn’t change anything with regards to Georgia law; “gay marriage” is already against the law in the state. Carping about having something taken away is intellectually dishonest. So this will not change anything, unless, of course, Mr. Ricciardi was really hoping the Georgia state courts would pull a rabbit out of the hat like the Massachusetts Supreme Court did.

Which brings me to point number two. That is the whole purpose of the proposed amendment; to prevent the courts from doing an end-run around the legislature. Folks like Mr. Ricciardi apparently believe that this sort of judicial legislation is a good thing. I happen to think that the will of the people is best represented by those they elect to office.

And this statement appears to really connect marriage with civil unions, thus showing that homosexuals believe that civil unions will give them everything marriage would, just under another name. One more reason to vote for the amendment if you’re against “gay marriage”. Civil unions will just continue to be defined up until it’s no different from marriage, so while you could be against “gay marriage” and still be for civil unions, that position too is intellectually dishonest.

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