Georgia same-sex mar…
Georgia same-sex marriage amendment update:

Gay rights group appeals amendment ruling

ATLANTA, GA (AP) — Gay rights supporters appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court today to block a same-sex marriage amendment from state ballots.

The appeal comes after a lower judge refused to prevent the ballot question on whether marriage should be only between a man and a woman. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Constance Russell ruled against the request last week.

The gay rights supporters — including two state legislators — had argued that the amendment should be tossed because voters will NOT be able to read the full language of what could be changed in the state constitution.

The measure going to voters on November second stipulates that Georgia will NOT recognize same-sex marriages performed by other states. It declares that the state’s judges will have NO jurisdiction to resolve property disputes arising from same-sex relationships.

Gay rights groups claim the amendment is legally flawed because voters are asked only about marriage — NOT the jurisdiction question.

The amendment opponents have requested a speedy decision by the state’s highest court. Gay marriage already is illegal in Georgia, but the constitution does NOT address the matter.

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