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Major Changes at Considerettes

A few weeks ago my site got hacked and malware was inserted into some of my WordPress blog sites; the ones that are horribly out of date. I was slow to upgrade them because the theme I’m using didn’t support later versions. Instead of change my theme, I left WordPress at an extremely old version. This allowed hackers who know the problems with old versions were able to take advantage of that.

So over the next few weeks I plan on updating all my old blogs to the latest software. Some are so old (like this one) that I will have to upgrade it to an intermediate version, and then do the whole thing again to upgrade the latest. That’s how out-of-date it is. During that time, there’s no telling what you might see on this site.

Be warned. But I’ll be back.

All Clear

Yes, my web hosting account was suspended for a few days while I got a bill cleared up. They say they sent an e-mail reminder, but I don’t see it.

Back From Vacation

Yes, I was on vacation all last week, cruising in the western Caribbean.  Not so much relaxing per se (the excursions kept us moving) but recharging and just plain fun (and educational, especially with regard to the Mayan ruins we visited). 

No phone (didn’t want to pay international rates), limited Internet (just enough to transmit daily e-mails with pictures to family), and just the wife and me.  So I didn’t know about, or care about, the events of the day enough to make any real comments today.  But I just wanted to explain the dearth of posts from me. 

Nothing personal folks, but I just wasn’t thinking about you.  🙂


Ah, finally going on vacation.  I’ll be gong tomorrow and next week, so blogging will be light to non-existent. 

Light Blogging

OK, this is probably late in the game, as it’s been light blogging all week.  I’ve had a big push to meet a deadline, and I’m doing a 3-day weekend, so, no, I haven’t lost my muse, I’m just severely busy. 

And it doesn’t help that my eldest has something like 4 projects all due within a couple weeks of each other, and daddy’s become assistant model maker, math whiz, movie producer (really) and chief PowerPoint creator in the past month.  Loads o’ fun. 🙂

Light Blogging

Spring Break is upon us, and time with the kids out of school is gonna’ take precedence.  Blogging will be light to non-existent next week.  Enjoy the weather!

An Enforced Hiatus

A web site hosted by my website provider was the proud recipient of a Denial of Service attack the past couple of days, and has put the blog into an unexpected hiatus. Everything’s back to normal (for now).

Regular Blogging Resuming

Took a bit more work than I’d hoped, but my work in getting another blog moved over to my web host has finally completed. Stones Cry Out is a group blog of Christians talking about the events of the day from our Christian perspectives.

(You may recognize the (slightly customized) template over there. I just love the Tiga theme; so configurable.)

And now, my time is again freer, such as it is.

Day Off

No Monday blogging. I’m helping drive the high school tech club to the state fair for Tech Day competitions, and am having all sorts of “fun” moving a group blog to my web hosting service. Having a few glitches and I’ll be dealing with that in my “free” time.

I’m Back

Ain’t it a pain when you forget to renew your domain name? You have to renew it (in a hurry), wait for the renewal to go through, repoint the name servers, and wait for the change to propagate throughout the net. (And all that time your family can’t get their e-mail.)

Well it looks like things are back to normal. Hope you didn’t miss me too much. >grin<

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