When a Christian prays “in Jesus name”, he’s just practicing his faith. When an Army Chaplain does it, at what he considers a religious event, he gets fined.

A jury of U.S. Naval officers has recommended a reprimand and a $250 fine per month for a year for a Christian chaplain who was convicted of disobeying an order not to wear his military uniform for media appearances.

Fortunately, this may not be enforced.

However, the jury also recommended the fine be suspended.

But apparently the jury wanted to send a chilling message about religious speech in the military. Is this a shot across the bow?

UPDATE:  See the comment section for this post on Stones Cry Out, where this was cross-posted, for a lot more information about this, including from someone who says they’re close to the case.  This case may not be as much a freedom of religion question as it has been painted by some (including me).
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