And now comes the ne…
And now comes the next round.

ATLANTA – As promised, gay-rights supporters filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to throw out a same-sex marriage ban voted into Georgia’s constitution last week.

They say the amendment contained misleading language, asking voters only if they wanted to define marriage as between a man and a woman, not whether they wanted to ban civil unions. The measure passed 3-to-1 last Tuesday, winning with huge margins among almost every demographic.

In the Fulton County lawsuit, the gay-rights supporters call the amendment “fatally flawed” and said the language on the ballot “had the effect of unfairly attempting to influence voters.” The plaintiffs include two Democratic state legislators and a University of Georgia law professor.

The group of gay-rights supporters also tried unsuccessfully to block the amendment vote, on the same grounds that it was misleading. The state Supreme Court ultimately decided it could not intervene until after a vote was taken.

The lawsuit names Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue as defendant. Monday, at a caucus meeting for Republican members of the state House, members of the GOP promised to fight the lawsuit.

“We will take all actions necessary to defend the decision of the people and will not look kindly upon any tampering with our state constitution,” said Rep. Glenn Richardson, R-Dallas.

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