I’ve said it many ti…
I’ve said it many times before, that to liberals it’s more important what you feel than what you actually do. With that in mind, read this.

After a relentless attack on the United States for opposing the Kyoto Protocol, environmental groups concede the international treaty will have no impact on what they believe to be impending catastrophic global warming.

Despite the fact that green groups at the U.N. climate summit in Buenos Aires called President George Bush “immoral” and “illegitimate” for not supporting the Kyoto Protocol, the groups themselves concede the Protocol will only have “symbolic” effect on climate because they believe it is too weak. Kyoto is an international treaty that seeks to limit greenhouse gases of the developed countries by 2012.

“I think that everybody agrees that Kyoto is really, really hopeless in terms of delivering what the planet needs,” Peter Roderick of Friends of the Earth International told CNSNews.com.

All this sound and fury over a treaty that signifies nothing? Why then all the ruckus?

While Roderick dismisses the potential impact of the Kyoto Protocol, he believes the treaty is vital for a reason that has nothing to do with climate change.

“[The Protocol] is important more in the political message and the inspiration it is giving people around the world. People can say ‘yeah, our politicians do care — they are not just interested in power and their own greed and in their own money. They do care about the future of the planet,'” Roderick explained.

And there you have it. It matters more what you feel, or even just what you appear to feel. Kyoto will have virtually no impact at all, but that’s what conferees at the climate summit choose to spend so much time, effort and emotion over.

It’s time to spend a little brainpower on it, instead.

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