With a nod to James …
With a nod to James Taranto comes this inane headline:

Women more at risk from climate change: Canadian at UN conference

You know that joke about the Washington Post headline, “God says world to end tomorrow; women and minorities hardest hit”? It’s not so far off the mark. The CBC’s headline wouldn’t be much different.

And how exactly would women be hurt worse by a global climate change?

“For instance, often women don’t know how to swim, so in a flood situation that can lead to a higher instance of death or injury,” Angie Daze, a program manager with a Canadian group called Reducing Vulnerability to Climate Change, said.

If he were a Republican, this would be hate speech at worst and sexist at best. Since he is advancing the liberal agenda, he gets a pass. Here’s another attempt at explaining the headline:

Other speakers on the sidelines of the Dec. 6-17 conference said women in poor countries are particularly vulnerable to the effects of global warming, which has been blamed for causing more violent storms and rising sea levels, among other problems.

“Women are highly dependent on the environment for their family responsibilities” in developing countries, said one environmental worker based in Bangladesh.

“Any type of environmental degradation impacts them more severely than men.”

Nope, sorry. Whatever those unnamed “family responsibilities” are, if they don’t get done, the whole family feels it. This is just political correctness run amok.

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