Now here’s some diet…
Now here’s some dieting information worth passing along.

The less you sleep the more your waist will expand, say scientists who have linked the insomniac lifestyle of western society to the epidemic of obesity.

Lack of sleep boosts levels of a hormone that triggers appetite and lowers levels of a hormone that tells your body it is full, according to the team. The scientists will now study whether obese people should sleep more to lose weight.

The study, by Prof Emmanuel Mignot of Stanford University, Dr Shahrad Taheri of the University of Bristol and colleagues, is published today in the Public Library of Science.

“Our results demonstrate an important relationship between sleep and metabolic hormones,” the team reports. “In western societies, where chronic sleep restriction is common and food is widely available, changes in appetite regulatory hormones with sleep curtailment may contribute to obesity.”

Dr Taheri said the team believed that sleeplessness contributed to being overweight, and not the other way round.

I’ve lost 30 pounds using the Atkins diet. Now I know how I’m going to keep it off. Time for my siesta.

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