Scott Ott’s “Cliff N…
Scott Ott’s “Cliff Notes” to W’s second inauguration speech hits every single nail squarely on the head. Satire makes you laugh and makes a point. Scott covers both areas.

As critics began their dissection of President George Bush’s second inaugural address, the White House today released a “more direct” version of the speech, stripped of the soaring poetic highlights of the original, “so that the average public school graduate, journalist and pundit can understand what the president means.”

We want freedom everywhere, not because we’re crazy dreamers, but because governments held accountable to their people don’t launch wars against each other. In the good old days, we could sit back and watch as tyrants tortured the helpless and fortified their arsenals. A rifle in the Middle East, or Asia, was no threat to our shores. Today, a man carrying a briefcase could wipe out millions of Americans in a single afternoon. We can’t eliminate the sinful urges of crazed men, but we can help oppressed people to dump their dictators. Kill the snake by cutting off its head.

Right now, the United Nations is united only in shared office space in New York. We have nothing in common with non-democratic regimes. Their presence in the U.N. gives aid and comfort to an enemy. People always talk about the legitimacy that the U.N. can bring. That’s true. The U.N. brings legitimacy to dictators as they crush the hopes of millions. Negotiating with tyrants is a waste of time that only lets them gear up for eventual armed conflict, either with their own freedom-starved people or with other nations that recognize the threat too late. All I’m saying is, why wait?

I could talk all day about Social Security reform, tort reform, public school reform, welfare reform or a hundred other domestic issues. But a single dirty bomb, or reservoir poisoning, or falling skyscraper would put all of those issues on the back burner in a flash. I’ve laid out my vision for many domestic issues, but freedom is the foundation on which they all stand.

While a lot of folks get offended that I talk about God, I don’t think God gets offended.


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