UN Weapons Inspectio…
UN Weapons Inspections: Day 44: Hans Blix says that after being in Iraq for some 2 months (well, not quite Hans) they haven’t found a smoking gun. Yup, Saddam had 8 or 9 years to hide the stuff, and Hans is pleased that nothing’s been found in a little over 6 weeks. Golly, they must have covered the whole country by now, eh?

No, not nearly. Frankly I’m quite confident there are things going on in Iraq that violate the UN resolutions, but we may have a real tough time finding them, giving Hussein’s headstart. He kicked out weapons inspectors in violation of the terms of his surrender. Why? Because he had nothing to hide? Doubt it. Seriously. And in the interim neither the UN nor Bill Clinton had the guts to call him on it. And now Bush is having to clean up the mess they left, while the man responsible for the mess has had plenty of time to find out-of-the-way carpets to sweep that mess under.

And somehow Bush is to blame in all of this? Not hardly.

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