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I’ve seen so many political cartoons trying to compare Bush’s response to North Korea to his response to Iraq, and it just goes to prove how little those guys understand the issues, or how willing they are to ignore facts to show their views in the best possible light.

I frequent Daryl Cagel’s Political Cartoon list because I’ve always enjoyed that art form, whether or not I agreed with the viewpoint expressed. It’s interesting to see the imagery cartoonists will use to get their point across. Today, many of the liberal-leaning cartoons (which is the vast majority of them on Cagle’s site) portrayed Bush as overreacting to Iraq via war while simply going through diplomatic channels for North Korea. The overt message is that they both might have nuke programs (and N. Korea has even admitted it), but there’s a disparity in the reaction. The subtext is either simply anti-war or that Bush is blundering through a foreign policy crisis.

What they’re completely missing is that Iraq had already made promises over a decade ago to dismantle and halt production of weapons of mass destruction, and spent the intervening years obstructing anyone from verifying whether or not they had kept to the contract. North Korea, on the other hand, was not known until just a couple months ago to have a nuke program. (Thank you Nobel laureate Jimmy Carter for assuring us that we could trust the word of a dictator while at the same time buying him off. That Nobel committee really show Dubya, eh?) Iraq is reaping the consequences of ignoring UN resolutions. Those consequences were clearly stated, and now the anti-war crowd is complaining that we’re enforcing the very UN resolutions they insisted had to be passed in the first place. I don’t know the terms of our agreement with North Korea, but hey, it’s just an agreement between two countries. The anti-war crowd only considers UN resolutions as carrying any real weight. (Until, of course, the hard choices have to be made about enforcing them.)

Two vastly different situations that liberals are trying to apply overly-simplistic rules to, and doing that would be the real foreign policy blunder.

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