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Did a little surfing of the blogosphere this evening, and found these wonderful bits at SmarterCop. Good job Pietro.

In another example of Democrats doing a 180 on Social Security comes this quote:

Social Security’s trustees reported in March that Social Security’s tax income will fall short of Social Security’s benefit payments beginning in 2016. Medicare’s tax income will fall short of Medicare spending the same year. Social Security and Medicare’s problems are related to the aging of the labor force. In the not-to-distant future, there will be too few workers in the workforce to maintain Social Security and Medicare as pay-as-you-go programs. These are not small problems.

In the case of Social Security, Congress will have to either reduce Social Security benefits, raise Social Security taxes, or find a third alternative.

Some of those on the left have noted that the “Save Social Security First” mantra that the Clintonites repeated was in vogue 7 years ago, and since then, from their (rather convenient) point of view, everything’s fixed itself. Well apparently, that miracle of recovery actually happened in merely the last four years, since this quote, from John Kerry, is from May of 2001.

This is basically the same thing I’ve noted here before; that the view of the Democrats on any particular issue is primarly determined by the political party of the man warming the chair in the Oval Office. Pietro gives us yet another example of this in the arena of the environment.

QUICK QUIZ – Which Presidential candidate, past or present, proposed a law which would do the following: cut pollution from power plants by 70%, including sulfur dioxide and mercury; discourage lawsuits that prevent the enforcement of clean air standards; permanently cap emissions nationwide to a level that is 90% less than the amounts emitted in 1970; and require operators of old plants to modify their systems to add pollution controls to adhere to the 70% pollution reduction? Was it A) Al Gore, B) John Kerry, or C) George W. Bush?

The answer is actually both A and C; Al Gore and George W. Bush proposed the same environmental pollution reductions, yet the same Democrats who naturally applauded the Gore plan have given the Bush Administration nothing but grief, even though the National Research Council is fully behind it. Go figure, right?

No figuring required. It’s simply a matter of the same people acting in the same way, even if that means contradicting themselves at a moment’s notice.

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