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Lefty Blog Rathergate Update: Josh Marshall has finally made a slight mention of this on Talking Points Memo today. After ignoring this for months, Marshall finally found something to say about it apparently only because it could be construed as conservative-bashing.

As Drudge says tonight, those three CBS execs whose resignations were requested — they were never received. And why should they tender them? When you’re hung out to dry, why go easily if the people hanging you out have dirty hangs too?

Were the highest level people at CBS really not deeply involved in the digging in of heels phase of that whole fiasco? Even after it was clear that the network’s reputation was on the line? They didn’t get involved? Hard to figure.

Understand that since the “myopic zeal” report came out, and indeed for months before that, Marshall hadn’t a peep to say about the affair. He did deal with it months ago, but once he noted the memos were forgeries, the story fell off his radar entirely. If one assumes a liberal media (and the “myopic zeal” report is certainly one more piece of evidence added to the mounting heap), then a blind partisan wouldn’t be inclined to touch the subject of Rathergate. Marshall hasn’t.

Until now, of course. Now that some of the folks asked to resign are fighting it, Marshall deigns to bring up the subject. Why? Well apparently, any challenge to a report exposing liberal bias can only be a good thing in Marshall’s world. Exposing that bias isn’t worth a single word, but challenges to it are, as long as it all fits in with Marshall’s pre-conceived notions. Honestly, do you think that if someone charged Fox News with conservative bias and came out with a report on it that Josh would stick to his Social Security mantra?

The answer is a resounding “No” because, honestly, Josh is just reciting…talking points.

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