Happy 2003! Had a n…
Happy 2003! Had a nice, long vacation, and now Considerettes is back.

So consider this: During my vacation, on Dec. 29, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) suggested that the draft should be started up again. Because we need to ramp up for war? No, in fact his reasoning, if you want to call it that, had nothing to do with numbers. He merely wanted to manipulate public opinion. He feels that war with Iraq would be wrong, and he’s willing to toy with the military to get his way.

We all know that the tax system in this country is more and more used for social and behavorial manipulation and not just revenue raising. Now it seems Rep. Rangel would like to use actual human beings as capital to trade in order to tug at the nation’s heartstrings. This points out a number of things.

  • Rangel would rather endanger lives (i.e. water-down the all-volunteer army with conscripts) than make Saddam play by the rules he agreed to.
  • He believes that members of Congress determine matters of national security solely on the basis of whether their kids will be involved.
  • He apparently can’t appeal to our brains, so he has to resort to emotional manipulation.
  • He thinks his ends justify those means.

Rep. Rangel doesn’t seem to be able to trust Americans to act or think on their own, and they must be manipulated by whatever means necessary. And he’s not alone. As I read other blogs, it appears that sentiment is shared.

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