Brian Maloney notes …
Brian Maloney notes the deflation of Air America:

Air America now lists 51 mostly tiny affiliates, which is not very impressive after a full year of media attention, industry affection and trade publication hype. Many smaller conservative radio networks can boast twice that number and still not be taken very seriously by radio professionals.

There are dozens of syndicated talk program providers for conservative programming, sports and specialty shows. Many hundreds are available for stations to take and you never read about them in newspapers. Yet lots of them are carried on more stations than Air America.

Brian then gives us the hard numbers.

And it isn’t too new to measure, especially not in New York City, where WLIB’s just-released numbers show, in the broadest audience measurement of adults 12+, that Air America’s flagship station has declined to a tiny 1.1 share of the audience. There’s a full year of data to look at now and the picture isn’t pretty for lib talk.

This is below where the station stood a year ago with its previous Caribbean specialty format and a drop from a 1.2 share last month. In the Fall 2004 Arbitron survey, WLIB had a 1.4 share of the radio listening audience, so it is safe to say it’s actually shrinking in popularity.

Liberal talk radio is less popular than Caribbean music. But money just keeps getting pumped into it from liberal big money interests to keep it afloat. If it had to survive on its own, it probably wouldn’t still be around.

Here’s some other numbers from around the country.

New ratings, just released, show that in Boston, Air America outlet WKOX shows no growth from last month with a tiny 0.6 share of the audience. Its simulcast partner is a no-show.

In San Diego, the much-hyped liberal talk station KLSD continues its ratings collapse, from a 2.3 to a 1.9 to a 1.6 audience share in brand new figures.

In Philadelphia, Air America affiliate WHAT-AM drops from a tiny 0.8 to a miniscule 0.6 overall audience share.

In Detroit, lib talker WTDW-AM is a no-show again. Even Canadian talk radio (Ontario’s CKLW-AM) is doing better than Air America in Detroit!

March 31 update: Air America in deep trouble in San Francisco: a flat 1.0 share, tied for 25th place overall, no audience gain from last month and a small fraction of the audience KQKE’s predecessor had on the same frequency, playing adult standards.

In Washington, DC: liberal outlet WWRC is not present in the latest figures with any measurable audience.

This data overall paints a very bleak picture of liberal talk radio’s future. There wasn’t one sign of growth, not a fraction of ratings point in any city and many were down from already anemic levels. It’s time to start confronting the liberal talk radio hype machine head-on with the facts. I can’t wait to see what their excuses are this time for this miserable performance.

All hype, little results.

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