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My first two posts to this blog, almost 3 years ago, dealt with the link between homosexuality and pedophilia. At the time I was talking about how those Catholic priests who were molesting boys, and noting that this combination of pedophilia and homosexuality wasn’t being noted by the media much.

That willful ignorance on the part of groups like the American Psychological Association is now reaping its results on children.

A six-year study of sexual abuse committed by foster parents in Illinois found a highly disproportionate percentage of the cases were homosexual in nature.

About one-third were same-sex while estimates are that no more than 3 percent of people in the general population say they engage in homosexual acts.

An article in the March issue of the peer-reviewed publication Psychological Reports presented data analyzed by Dr. Paul Cameron, chairman of the Colorado-based Family Research Institute.

Cameron believes it’s likely the Illinois figures reflect the situation among the nation’s estimated half-million foster children.

“What’s shocking, is that 34 percent of the molestations were homosexual,” Cameron told the Illinois Leader.

This really ought not to surprise to anyone willing to look beyond current political correctness. This link has been known for years.

“Professional societies are so taken with gay rights they are ignoring the evidence,” said Cameron. “Just last year, the American Psychological Association [APA] declared opposition to ‘discrimination against lesbian or gay parents adoption, child custody and visitation, foster care and reproductive health services.'”

Cameron added, “How does the APA answer this new evidence?”

They will ignore it or try to explain it away. They ought to be explaining it to the kids who’ve been the victims of their tender (though misplaced) sensibilities.

Cameron said Illinois, which has about 60,000 children in 4,300 foster or adoption-subsidized homes, was the first state to disclose details about abuse.

Something tells me we’re looking at the tip of an iceberg, but the APA will be too busy rearranging deck chairs to care.

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