They’re flocking to …
They’re flocking to Fox:

The ratings are in for February, and the numbers are not good for CNN which saw steep losses in its viewership, while the Fox News Channel continued its rise.

According to Nielsen Media Research, CNN’s ratings fell by 21 percent last month in primetime, and 16 percent overall, reports Variety.

Primetime big-name shows such as “Larry King Live,” “Wolf Blitzer Reports,” “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” “Paula Zahn Now” and “Newsnight With Aaron Brown” all experienced double-digit declines.

Only “Anderson Cooper 360” had a slight increase of 2 percent.

During President Bush’s State of the Union Address, CNN was soundly beaten by Fox, and even lost the key 25-54 demographic to third-place MSNBC.

In contrast, Fox News was the only news network on cable to see viewership increases in February, as it outpaced all other cable news companies combined for the sixth straight month.

Emphasis mine. They didn’t just beat their nearest competitor, they beat them all, combined for the sixth month in a row.

CNN wasn’t the only network to plunge last month. MSNBC dropped 15 percent overall and 14 percent in primetime. CNBC fell 23 percent overall and 42 percent in primetime.

If you believe that Fox News Channel has a conservative slant (and to a degree I would agree), then this further proves that it takes a conservative viewpoint to properly hit the “fair and balanced” objective. Just as the big conservative blogs cover all sides while the big liberal blogs ignore news unfavorable to them, a news organization that is right-of-center is more likely to give you the whole story, as Fox News is doing. And people notice.

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