Last Friday, I noted…
Last Friday, I noted that a panel of liberals were going to get together and discuss media bias. Yeah, right. My prediction was…

Somehow, Newsweek jumping on a single-sourced story that is embarrassing to Bush, the military and America in general will be characterized as perfectly normal, while the reaction to it will be painted as censorship.

Well, I was pretty darn close. Here’s Eric Alterman from the panel.

Alterman also expressed concern for the establishment press, which “must, on a daily basis, come face to face with an administration obsessed with secrecy and which belittles and browbeats reporters at every opportunity.

“Note how quickly [White House Press Secretary] Scott McClennan [sic] blamed Newsweek for the rioting in Afghanistan last week,” he said.

“Despite the fact that his bosses presided over the invasion of Iraq and the well-documented abuses at Abu Ghraib and Bagram, the administration — along with a whole host of ready-for-prime-time conservative talking heads — pounced on one sentence in a short blurb, claiming that it caused irreparable harm to the ‘image of America’ in the Muslim world,” Alterman added.

If I recall, it was the rioters that were upset at Newsweek (although anything would’ve been an excuse for them). When Scott McClellan notes this, it’s somehow “browbeating”.

True to form, these folks simply bring up the usual suspects…

In his opening statement, [Al]] Franken named “the Fox News Channel, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, the Washington Times and, of course, talk radio” as media that work in league with the Bush administration and corporate-funded think tanks.

…and ignore the boatloads of liberal bias from virtually every other media outlet. The “myopic zeal” is amazing.

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